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Join Our Team

We're always looking for more voices to uplift in the climate movement. There are many ways to get involved in Kids Fight Climate Change; whether you're just entering the movement or an experienced activist, there's a place for you here.

Write for Us

The Kids Fight Climate Change Writing Team is the main content arm of our organization. You are part of the solution as you help us engage young people from around the world. As a writer, you research specific topics and write based on your research. What's unique about writing for Kids Fight Climate Change is that you have the ability to independently shape the content you're writing. That means that while we assign topics, you choose (with our approval) what within those topics your writing will cover. This is one of the ways where Kids Fight Climate Change has a democratic leadership structure.

Edit Climate Content

Our editors not only edit climate articles, but also communicate with volunteers, work directly with the Leadership Council and Chief Content Officer, and help direct our mission. As a Kids Fight Climate Change editor, you’ll have the opportunity to help decide what content is published, work with writers to plan and improve their articles, and plan out the content strategy with the Leadership Council.

Join the Leadership Council

Our Leadership Council is comprised of dedicated climate activists who have a passion for changing the world. They are strong leaders (hence the name) who can guide their peers to a just climate transition. Our Leaders direct the day-to-day operations of Kids Fight Climate Change. That means that you would oversee our programs, particularly the development of our website and how we grow Kids Fight Climate Change.

Climate Influencers

Become a “Climate Influencer,” creating short-form video content for our social media channels that educates and engages our followers.

Design With Us

Become a social media intern to gain experience working in a nonprofit while helping the climate movement! You will be doing real work interning with us, working closely with our Leadership Council to develop social media content, including posts, light-hearted humor, and videos. This position is remote and with a time commitment of 4-7 hours a week.

Volunteer With Us

Volunteering with Kids Fight Climate Change is the easiest way to join Kids Fight Climate Change while building your experience. We will work with you to utilize your strengths to see how you can best help us. Your responsibilities can include designing social media posts, artwork, storytelling, graphic design, or web development. There is no age requirement for volunteers.

Start a Chapter

You can start a chapter of Kids Fight Climate Change to establish a group of caring and informed youth in your community, whether it be in your school, your neighborhood, or your city. Schools chapters and local community chapters are both welcome, and Kids Fight Climate Change will support you while still allowing you to run your own organization.

Join Our Board

Our Board of Directors is made up of passionate, experienced individuals who are committed to helping the next generation take the reins and achieve a just climate system. Our Directors lend their expertise to help our youth leaders grow our programs and grow themselves. We're primarily looking for Directors in three categories of expertise: education (particularly climate change/environmental, STEM, or other sciences), NGO management, and marketing. However, if you have skills outside of these categories, we would still love to hear from you! On our Board, you build your time commitment. The only requirement is an annual meeting in June. If you're willing to dedicate more time, you can work with our youth leaders to advise them both personally and professionally.

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