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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate young people about the global climate crisis using youth-created content to inspire and empower them to take action in their communities and across the globe, working together to transform the world.

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We are a youth-led nonprofit organization which is dedicated to teaching youth about the climate crisis. Our goal is to foster knowledge in students from all academic, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds.


We created Kids Fight Climate Change because we need a youth-focused and youth-led climate change educational organization. There are no organizations like this operating on a wide scale!


Kids Fight Climate Change operates in three steps: educate, empower, and transform. We create engaging content which will teach youth about climate change.

What We Do

Kids Fight Climate Change has a unique goal: for youth to teach youth about the climate crisis. We know that climate education can be difficult and limiting. Often resources assume that you know something about climate change already or don't provide all the information. As learners ourselves, we know that there's no resource that combines everything you need to know about climate change into one accessible source. Our goal is to remedy that.  

At Kids Fight Climate Change, we create educational content with no assumptions. We want students of all academic backgrounds to be able to learn about climate change, starting from every level of knowledge. Furthermore, we create content that is accessible. Our world is too divided by system inequalities which are often rooted in educational disparity. Kids Fight Climate Change attempts to mitigate that in our climate change education. 

What We Do
Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles



We strongly believe that keeping Kids Fight Climate Change youth-led is an essential part of our mission. That's why our activities are governed by our Leadership Council, which is made up entirely of youth.



For a youth climate educational organization to succeed, we must keep our focus on youth. We design our content specifically for youth.



We need to teach everyone about the climate crisis. And we need to make it easy. That's why Kids Fight Climate Change strives to make all of our content accessible and easily understandable.

Our Story

Our Story

We strongly believe in youth leading in a world where the other generations have messed up so badly. We have a responsibility to take the reins of our world. We must challenge the world leaders and corporations who are interested only in profit margins. We know that education is the way to achieve this. By educating future generations about climate change, then we can ensure a just climate transition to an equitable and clean world.

Kids Fight Climate Change was founded to fill a gaping hole in climate change organizations: an educational organization focused on youth and led by youth. There are no other organizations like this that operate on a large scale! Other climate change educational organizations are built and run by adults who do not understand their youth audience. Even the organizations that say they are "empowering youth voices" are often just referring to an advisory council; adults still manage all of their operations. Kids Fight Climate Change uniquely vests power in youth, for youth.

How We Work

Our role in the climate crisis has three parts: education, empowerment, and transformation. First, we must educate everyone about the climate crisis. Then, this education, if presented properly, will empower people to take action to stop climate change. Finally, this action will transform the planet into a just, livable world. However, Kids Fight Climate Change strongly believes that not everyone has to be a climate activist. What is most important is that everyone is knowledgeable about climate change.

How We Work

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