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In-School Seminars


Our in-school seminars educate and empower students to take action in their schools and communities.

Using youth presenters, we engage students in discussions about climate change and action. Our seminars always end with comprehensive, student-created action plans, starting a movement for lasting change.

What makes our seminars unique?

Many climate education nonprofits offer in-school seminars to teach students about climate change. But Kids Fight Climate Change seminars are uniquely youth-led and action-oriented. 

Youth presenters are key to engaging youth, and young people listen to young people. Often, when traditional climate experts enter classrooms, students perceive a degree of separation or associate that adult presenter with normal class time. However, youth presenters can relate to students and show them that climate action is possible. In other words, our youth-led seminars bring the climate movement closer to students’ own lives, allowing our limited time to have a greater impact.

In our seminars, we carefully avoid lectures and try to engage students as much as possible. While our presenter has a plan and leads the conversation, their goal is to get students to talk about climate change. The first half of the seminar (designed for a typical class period of 40-60 minutes) covers some specific topics of climate change, tailored to the class’s experience and interest. The second half is invariably dedicated to action and activism. We use personal stories, case studies, and lessons to show that climate action is not only possible but tangible. By the end of our seminars, the students themselves (with our guidance) often have developed climate action plans for their schools, homes, and communities. After our seminar, we are interested in working with your class/school to implement these plans and continue the program.

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What are people saying?

“Thank you so much for your amazing presentation. We're going to take action. This is just the beginning. You are our inspiration — the kids want to go out and teach like you.”
- Mary Chiarella, P.S. 452
“I've always cared about climate change but I've felt like no one else does — especially not in my class. But I think they really listened and cared. Your talk was exactly what we needed to start taking action. Thank you."
- High school sophomore, MELS

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