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Join the Leadership Council

Our Leadership Council is the masthead of Kids Fight Climate Change. It is comprised of dedicated climate activists who have a passion for changing the world. They are strong leaders (hence the name) who can guide their peers to a just climate transition.

Our Leaders direct the day-to-day operations of Kids Fight Climate Change. That means that you would oversee our programs, particularly the development of our website and how we grow Kids Fight Climate Change.

Members of Leadership Council should be between the ages of twelve and twenty-four and should have some leadership or climate experience. If you don't feel you have that experience yet, Kids Fight Climate Change is a great place to start! Reach out to us or check out some other opportunities to make your way to the Leadership Council.

You will be expected to attend Leadership Council meetings, provide ideas on how to grow Kids Fight Climate Change, help manage the organization, and sometimes assist in creating content.

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