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Design With Us

You can join our social media and graphics team , helping us develop content to include on our social profiles, ranging from static informational content to funny memes to short videos. You'll work closely with our Leadership Council and writing team to grow our online presence and enhance our content. This position is remote and unpaid.

Time Commitment: 4-7 hours per week

What You'll Gain:

  • Experience working in a real nonprofit organization

  • Close relationships with organizational and climate leaders

  • School credit (if applicable)

What You'll Do:

  • Design posts about a range of climate content, using content from the writing team and occasionally writing your own posts

  • Plan, develop, and create videos about the climate crisis and climate activism

  • Participate with the Leadership Council and Design Strategist to determine social media strategy


  • Above the age of 13

  • Some experience using design software like Figma or Canva

  • Preferably, some experience creating videos using design software (we can help with that, too!)

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