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We're a Nonprofit Now!

Jun 12, 2021

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We're so proud to announce that we are now a nonprofit corporation! As a nonprofit, we are ready to serve youth across the world, providing accessible climate education. We'll continue to grow and expand Kids Fight Climate Change to reach more and more youth every day.

Becoming a registered nonprofit organization is our first step toward growing our organization. By being a nonprofit, we are opening the door to a million new possibilities.

Youth Leaders

The most important members of Kids Fight Climate Change are our Youth Leaders. Our Youth Leaders are engaged climate enthusiasts looking to make a change beyond their communities! The Leadership Council governs Kids Fight Climate Change, managing its activities, content, and more!


As a new organization, we now have a Board of Directors. Our Board of Directors acts in an advisory position, providing valuable insight and seasoned expertise to Kids Fight Climate Change. While our Youth Leaders are the primary governors, the Board supports their work!

Growing & Expanding

By becoming a nonprofit organization, there are limitless possibilities for how Kids Fight Climate Change can expand! We are looking to gain funding so that we can reach more youth and expand our programs. In the short term, we see ourselves building our online and physical presence through regularly updating contact, creating engaging social media posts, and partnering with other organizations both in-person and online.

Please consider donating today! Every dollar makes a difference.

Local Chapters

You can now start a local chapter in your community or school, spreading climate change to your neighbors and peers. Starting a local chapter is easy: all you need is a bit of information and you're good to go.

Much More!

As a nonprofit, we can do much more to touch your community. We are looking forward to see how Kids Fight Climate Change can make a difference, and we hope you can join us in the movement. Please spread the word so that Kids Fight Climate Change can continue to grow. If you can, consider volunteering with us or donating!

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