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Vicki Sando

Board Member

Vicki Sando is an educational green roof consultant, Green STEM curriculum developer, and author. She founded the award-winning GELL Project, a Green Roof Environmental Literacy Laboratory at PS 41, the Greenwich Village School in New York City, and has represented the project in numerous media outlets. Vicki founded, which provides information about the benefits of green roofs on school buildings, and authored "Kingsland Wildflowers Greenroof Teacher's Guide" and the children's book, "What Is a Green Roof?" which made Kirkus Review's Best Books of 2020 list. She is also the Education Working Group Chair for the New York City Green Roof Researchers Alliance.

Why Kids Fight Climate Change?

Vicki joined Kids Fight Climate Change because our children have inherited an existential threat to their future – no fault of their own. We are in a climate emergency, and adults have an obligation to provide younger generations with the tools they need to mitigate these significant environmental shifts to our planet. The youth today are more resourceful, tech-savvy, and adaptable than prior generations. We need to amplify their concerns and let them lead in finding solutions to a myriad of issues, which is the goal of Kids Fight Climate Change.

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Vicki Sando

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