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Samantha Cocco-Klein

Board Member

Dr. Samantha Cocco-Klein is an independent researcher and policy specialist. For over 20 years, she has led and executed social policy, research and progress for children, from the grassroots to global level with UNICEF, the United Nations and International Rescue Committee. She has lived and worked in 11 countries, in Europe, Africa, the Pacific Islands and South Asia. She now happily call New York City home. Samantha holds a PhD in Public and Urban Policy from The New School.  Her research is motivated by an interest in how climate change and inequality affects children. Currently, Samantha works as Adjunct Professor of Social Policy at the Silberman School of Social Work, Hunter College, CUNY.

Why Kids Fight Climate Change?

Samantha joined Kids Fight Climate Change to support young climate activists in New York City and globally. She strongly believes that young people, as representatives of the ‘generation most affected’, have a unique role in advocating for mitigation policy. At the same time, through her research and experience, she has found that young people play a critical role in communicating climate change in families and communities. As climate change shifts from a future threat to a current crisis, young people’s awareness and involvement is becoming more important than ever. Samantha believes it is adults’ responsibility to work alongside young people to explore and create new ways of living that are sustainable and equitable.

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Samantha Cocco-Klein

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