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Kanan Puntambekar

Board Member

Kanan Puntambekar is currently a program officer at IREX (, a global development and education organization. She is a materials scientist and has spent over a decade working on research and development of next-generation displays and batteries. Kanan is passionate about building solutions that will help create an equitable and sustainable world for future generations. She now works with non-profit organizations (Asante Africa Foundation (, empowering the next generations of change agents in Africa, Vivensity (, building a powerful, student-centric SEL Program) that are striving to realize this goal. In her current role at IREX, she is planning to work with teachers across the US to create interest and excitement in STEM careers amongst high schoolers!  

Why Kids Fight Climate Change?

Kanan joined Kids Fight Climate Change to help build awareness of our climate crisis and the critical role that youth can play in finding solutions. She strongly believes that education is the first step towards empowerment and making a change. Youth organizations, like Kids Fight Climate Change, can provide the resources that today’s youth, together with their agency, resourcefulness, and skills of using technology creatively for communicating their message can utilize to lead the charge! As adults, whether we intended to or not, we will leave them a world that will have more and more severe climate challenges and it is our responsibility to help amplify their concerns and be part of the solution.

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Kanan Puntambekar

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