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Badreya Almesbah


I'm currently a high school senior in Kuwait. In the future, I’m planning on pursuing a PhD in genetics and a double major in quantum physics. I’m extremely involved and passionate when it comes to feminism, and also run an Instagram account, decolonize_mena_feminism, that combines my love for graphic design and my goal to spread education about feminism to the women of the MENA region. I love animals and have been feeding 9 stray cats daily for over 3 years. I love to read books, analyze media/pop culture through a feminist lens, and explore cultural and theological beliefs in my free time! I am currently starting a youth volunteer initiative to protect Kuwait’s biodiversity and help raise awareness of climate change as well!

Why Kids Fight Climate Change?

The youth of this generation are probably the driving force in causing a change in our world, and helping educate them is something I've always wanted to do. Many people in the Middle East don't know much about climate change; by writing and spreading the message, I can educate not only my people but also youth on a larger scale!

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Badreya Almesbah

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