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Ajani Stella

President & Founder

Ajani Stella is the founder and leader of Kids Fight Climate Change, a unique climate education group dedicated to teaching young people about the climate crisis. He is a 17-year-old climate activist living in New York City. He was named one of 30 under 30 worldwide for environmental education by the North American Association for Environmental Education, and his work has been recognized through numerous speaking engagements and accolades. US Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland invited Ajani to a closed roundtable in July 2023 in recognition of his work. He is a recognized speaker, with over 30 speaking engagements worldwide, and he has been featured on TV news programs six times. Ajani also attended the United Nations climate conference, COP 26, in November 2021 as an observing NGO delegate with the Human Impacts Institute, representing the Youth Advisory Council he co-founded. As part of his climate work, Ajani has been a climate storytelling intern at Columbia University Teachers College, has participated in and moderated panels about climate education and action, and has spoken about his work to numerous organizations. Ajani has been engaged with climate action since he spoke to the New York City Teachers Retirement Fund Board of Directors about divesting from fossil fuels when he was ten years old.

Ajani founded Kids Fight Climate Change because he noticed a gaping hole in climate change education; we are preaching that climate action and education are important, but no one is taking the initiative to teach youth about climate change. We need to give youth the resources to know what they have to fight in order to secure a better future for themselves and future generations. Ajani found that while there are many great organizations dedicated to passing climate change education policy, there are few organizations that are dedicated to actually teaching about climate change, and none of those organizations are youth-led. You can read more about why Ajani founded Kids Fight Climate Change in the "Our Story" section of the website.

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Ajani Stella

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