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There are two types of climate solutions. Mitigation is where you are trying to reduce the flow of greenhouse gases. All the other solutions (renewable energy, sustainability, electric cars, energy efficiency, and industrial solutions) are examples of mitigation.

The other type of climate solution is adaptation. Adaptation focuses on how we can minimize the impact that already-existing effects have on us.

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Adaptation Techniques


Elevating Electrical Infrastructure

With hurricanes and other types of extreme weather worsening, they are more and more frequently hitting cities. Therefore, electrical infrastructure, which is expensive to repair and more expensive to replace, is being damaged and destroyed more and more. By elevating this electrical infrastructure, we can mostly keep it safe from hurricanes.


Storm Surge Barriers

When sea levels rise, they can cause floods. Hurricanes can also cause floods. The adding of storm surge barriers to coastal cities can limit the amount of flooding that is caused by these two climate change effects.


Water Harvesting

During droughts, there is a limited water supply. Whenever there is not a drought, rainwater harvesting systems and water conservation systems should be put into place so that the worsened droughts do not affect a place as much.

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