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Special Report: The Importance of Climate Strikes

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Climate strikes are some of the most important events for climate change and the easiest to participate in. Last Friday, 4 million people worldwide took to the streets demanding climate action. This strike preceded the week-long United Nations climate summit in New York City.

Strikes bring awareness to the situation. It sends a message to the government, mega corporations, and even your employers/teachers that you care about the climate and are willing to take to the streets, to spend your afternoon.

What if my parents don't let me?

Don't go. Your parents still try to do what's best for you. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to convince them, though. Try reasoning with them about climate change. Tell them your passion. If they don't seem to understand, show them this website, or something similar. If they provide a good reasons, think about it. There might be a good reason for you not to go. But always try. If you can't go, find other ways to help such as encouraging classmates and friends or making posters/posting on social media to spread the word.

What if I have a test?

Talk to your teacher. If they are willing to let you miss the test and make it up, then go ahead! If their policy is that you can't make up quizzes or tests, then consider what you are willing to risk. If it is just a quiz, and you are doing well in the class, it is less of a concern than a major test.

What about the absence on my report card?

Many schools forgive absences with a note from a parent. This goes back to the first point of parental approval, but it is important because many teachers will dock points for "cutting class." Familiarize yourself with school policies.


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