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Pipelines are threatening to destroy the ecosystem


President Donald Trump and the Commissioners of the pipelines are going to approve different pipelines that would send our climate past the tipping point.

Right now, there are 3 major tar sands pipelines on the table that, if built, would send our climate past a tipping point. Keystone XL in the Midwest, Kinder Morgan in Western Canada, and Line 3 at the Great Lakes would all bring tar sands from Alberta, Canada to market, burning more fossil fuels our climate can’t bear.

It would send our climate past the tipping point by allowing more fossil fuels to be burned, releasing more greenhouse gas emissions in the air, which would contribute to climate change, and is very dangerous.

This is a money maker for Canada and the US, but it is also a climate destroyer. Make sure to switch to clean energy so that you are not a cause of this.


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