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Volkswagen Is Releasing Illegal Emissions

Volkswagen is a car company. They have been caught releasing illegal greenhouse gas emissions during the tests of the car.

VW car

What happened?

Volkswagon (VW) the car company has been illegally releasing more greenhouse gas emissions than allowed. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has laws as part of the Clean Air Act that restricts the amount of greenhouse gases the car is allowed to produce. There are tests that all cars must go through yearly to make sure the emissions are in check. VW got around these tests and laws, however. Here is the story:

The EPA caught on that many VW cars had a piece of software that detected when it was having an emissions test run on it. After the EPA made this discovery, they found that there over 482,000 cars in America alone with emission problems. After being caught, VW admitted that there were 11 million of these cars in the world right now. That's 11 million cars emitting extra greenhouse gases. That's 11 million cars that are contributing to climate change more than usual.

What has been VW's reaction?

VW has said how the worst thing is loosing the public's trust. They have issued no statement about the environmental impact of the situation: they don't care.

But, however, justice will be served. The EPA has the power to fine a company up to $37,500 for each vehicle that breaches standards - a maximum fine of about $18 billion. This is not including the possible lawsuits of the carowners. I personally hope that VW is fined to the full extent of the law for their horrible actions against the environment.


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