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Call on a Fossil Free Federal Reserve!

Take Action!

Banks Must Act

On Friday, October 29, Kids Fight Climate Change is proudly co-sponsoring the fight for climate justice in the finance industry. Banks have poured hundreds of billions into fossil fuel corporations since the Paris Climate Agreement. The Federal Reserve (which oversees banks) is failing to regulate them to prevent climate catastrophe. That’s why we’re marching in NYC and worldwide on the 29th, the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy in New York.

Banks' money goes directly to funding the climate crisis. They keep funding fossil fuel companies to dig up more oil, coal and gas. The only reason they are doing this: profits. They have not been held accountable by governments, so we the people must take action and get them to start funding clean energy.

We have one demand: Turn off the money pipeline for fossil fuels. Now.

Join Us in NYC!

Not in NYC? There's other events across the world! Click here to find events in the US, or here to find international events.

Flyer for the NYC rally: at 12:30, assemble under the Brooklyn Bridge at the corner of Pearl Street and Robert Wagner Place. At 1:00, march to the Federal Reserve at 33 Liberty Street. At 1:30, march to CitiBank HQ at 388 Greenwich St. Finally, at 2:00, we rally at CitiBank HQ.


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