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Understand climate change.

Solve climate change.

Climate education made by youth and built for youth.

Don't just learn climate change: understand it.

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Climate News


COP 28 Was a Hotbed of Disagreements and Controversy, But Proved Essential to Climate Action

Maya Dunkelman

Dec 19, 2023

This year, the UN Climate Conference (COP28) took place from November 30 to December 12. 197 nations from around the world gathered in Dubai


COP 28 Pledges to Shift Away From Fossil Fuels

Katelyn Jee

Dec 19, 2023

Nations passed a historic agreement agreeing to an international push for renewable energy at this year's UN climate conference.


AI Emerges as a Climate Tool at the UN, But It Remains Controversial

Katelyn Jee

Dec 11, 2023

The UN considers the implications of AI for climate action, beginning a balancing act of benefits and harms that experts continue to grapple

How We Work


You learn about climate change using our carefully developed content. You explore new ideas to start your educational journey and refine your knowledge of climate change.


We know that youth are the pathway to the future. We, as fellow youth, are willing to fight for our future. Learning about climate change is the path to solving it.


To solve climate change, we need to act. But this action comes in many forms. While some may learn about climate change and choose to be activists, we strongly believe that not everyone has to be an activist.

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What We Are

We are a youth-led nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching youth about the climate crisis. Our goal is to foster knowledge in students from all academic, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds.

Why We Exist

We created Kids Fight Climate Change because we need a youth-focused and youth-led climate change educational organization. There are no organizations like this operating on a wide scale!


How We Work

Kids Fight Climate Change operates in three steps: educate, empower, and transform. We create engaging content which will teach youth about climate change in a fun and informative manner!


One fifth grader speaks to the NYC Teachers Pension Fund to divest from fossil fuels.


Kids Fight Climate Change is first published as an informative resource on climate change.


Kids Fight Climate Change grows and expands to include more and more content.


We're still growing, reaching more kids every day with our fun and engaging content!

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