Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the energy of the future
Renewable energy is good for two main reasons:


All types of renewable energy are, well, renewable. The sun and the wind will never run out of energy, so more renewable energy will always be able to be produced.


Renewable energy is also clean, meaning that it doesn't release carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas and cause of climate change.

Renewable energy types


The Importance of Renewable Energy
Renewable energy is important because it will never run out. A lot of electricity is produced from non-renewable energy, like coal, oil, and natural gas. These energy source take millions of years to create, so once we use them up, we won't have anything left. Renewable energy won't run in to this problem.
Renewable energy is also important because of prices. As non-renewable energy becomes harder to find, the price of it is going up. In just 19 years, coal prices have rising by 59%, which is a lot.
Renewable energy isn't affected by this problem because its energy comes from the earth. Renewable energy will never run out. In fact, the price of renewable energy has been dropping! Over the past 40 years (1976 to 2016), the price of solar panels have dropped by 99%!

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