Climate Solutions

Sustainability: What You Can Do

Sustainable solutions are everyday solutions that people like you and me can employ.

Industrial Solutions

Industrial solutions improve the manufacturing and construction processes, which make up 22% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy technologies never run out and do not release greenhouse gas emissions, and they are growing cheaper than fossil fuels.

Machines designed by Pelamis Wave Power operating offshore at the Billia Croo test site of the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), located in Scotland's Orkney Islands.
Tidal Energy

Tidal energy is powered by the natural rise and fall, or surge, of ocean tides and currents. While hydroelectricity refers to the use of dams to produce energy from water, tidal energy uses the ocean/sea's tides. 

GeoSilica Geothermal Power Plant in Iceland
Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy uses drills to harness the Earth's essentially limitless supply of central heat. There are two main uses for geothermal energy: to convert to usable electricity and to heat homes.

A central receiver CSP system
Concentrated Solar Power

Concentrated solar power (CSP), unlike solar PV, concentrates the sun's heat energy. The intense heat is used to generate electricity. While CSP is not widespread, it is gaining momentum as a result of Bill Gate's secret solar company. 

Slovenian Hydroelectric Dam

Hydroelectricity uses the force of moving water to generate electricity. Hydroelectricity typically employs river dams to generate faster waters. Hydroelectricity is one of the most prevalent types of renewable energy but also has some other environmental drawbacks.

Wind turbines against a blue sky
Wind Energy

Wind energy uses the wind to turn turbines that produce electricity through motion. It relies on consistent wind at higher altitudes and is typically employed through commercial wind farms, although there are some residential applications.

Solar PV panel
Solar PV Energy

Solar energy harnesses the sun's light energy — photons — to generate electricity through solar panels. Solar panels can be employed by an individual (on a house), or commercially via large-scale solar farms.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency limits electricity loss, thereby maximizing and cutting down on electricity use.

Electric Cars

Energy efficiency limits electricity loss, thereby maximizing and cutting down on electricity use.


Adaptation is the second type of climate solution, dealing with how we cope with the present effects of climate change.